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Welcome to the official web site of the Patten Point Yacht Club, located in the Pleasure Bay branch, of the Shrewsbury River. Founded in 1964, PPYC has become over the years the preeminent port of call on the East Coast.


The Club was originally known as the Monmouth Power Boat Association, who's aims were to combine educational and social activities in facilities suitable for boating and recreational activities. After much searching, the Patten Estate located on Patten Avenue and Renwick Place in  Long Branch became available. On May 29, 1964, the Monmouth Power Boat Association amended its Certificate of Incorporation and became the Patten Point Yacht Club. The Patten Estate is steeped in history reflective of the era of the steamship.

In 1890, Thomas Gedney Patten, then owner/operator of the Sea Bright & Long Branch Steamboat Company, started construction of a luxury home in Long Branch along Manhasset Creek. In 1898, the Patten Steamship Line and the Atlantic Coast Electric Railway jointly built the Riverside Hotel and the Riverside Park on adjacent Pleasure Bay. The park was well known, and offered a fish pond, merry-go-round, picnic groves, and a floating theater on the Shrewsbury River. That was at the turn of the century when Long Branch was regarded as the summer capital of the country.


The Patten Steamship Line ran three ships, the SS Pleasure Bay (1890-1905), SS Mary Patten (1893-1929) and the SS Thomas Patten (1901-1919) on a route from Pleasure Bay, Long Branch to Sea Bright, to the Highlands and then on to New York City.

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